Did you know that if asbestos containing materials in your home are in a clean, undisturbed condition, you can just paint and leave them be?
But whatever you do, don’t play reno roulette.
If you’d like to make a few home improvements, and you suspect asbestos in your home, move forward with caution and definitely call in the experts.
Asbestos can be found in fibro homes, brick, weatherboards, and externally clad homes and because asbestos was such a brilliant gift to the construction industry way back when, it is estimated that the product is found in almost one third of Australian homes.
Here’s how you can tell if your home contains some..
Unfortunately, you can’t. But you can arm yourself with knowledge.

Inside the home it is most commonly found in internal wall sheeting and if left alone it is rarely an issue as the asbestos fibres in wall sheeting are very tightly compacted. Asbestos as you know, is only a problem if the fibres are disturbed.

If it’s a bathroom renovation you are planning, the asbestos sheeting is often hidden behind wall or floor tiles, so you may not actually know it is there until the renovations begin – very problematic.

Other areas inside the home where you might find asbestos is in areas that need insulating such as circuit boards, as a backing for an old vinyl floor, electrical panels or as a carpet underlay.

It’s a bit easier to identify external asbestos because you might see it under the eaves or as corrugated sheeting for roofs or fencing.

But it’s far better to be safe than sorry..
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