If you have asbestos in your home, you may think removal is the only answer. In fact, it can often be much safer and more cost-effective to seal off the harmful material and leave it where it is instead. This process of treating asbestos containing materials with a sealant is known as asbestos encapsulation. At GreenerWay Hazmat Removal NSW we can organise your home to be assessed for asbestos and if asbestos encapsulation is the right solution, we can carry out the job safely and with minimal disruption.

Which solution is right for my home?

When materials containing asbestos become damaged, it causes asbestos fibres to become airborne. If particles from these fibres are inhaled and carried into the lower regions of the lung, it can lead to serious diseases including lung cancer, asbestosis, pleura and mesothelioma. Treating asbestos containing materials with a sealant prevents asbestos fibres from becoming airborne.

As encapsulation involves no disturbance to the asbestos, it is now the preferred method of dealing with asbestos in many situations. However, if you plan on renovating in future, asbestos encapulation might not be the right choice as drilling and sanding can cause damage to encapsulated areas. The professionals at GreenerWay Hazmat Removal NSW will assess your home and needs and provide the best solution to keep you and your family safe.

What does asbestos encapsulation involve?

The team from GreenerWay Hazmat Removal NSW will prevent the release of asbestos dust and fibres by coating the material containing asbestos with a sealant. Bridging and penetrating encapsulants are used to seal the surface and bind its components to prevent any dangerous asbestos fallout. With no disturbance to the asbestos, work can be completed quickly and there is no need for you to worry about the costs involved with hazardous asbestos disposal.

To protect your family’s health now and in the future, call on GreenerWay Hazmat Removal NSW today on 1300 575 748 for a free quote on our asbestos encapsulation services.