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Get Your Dwelling Tested With Greenerway Asbestos Testing Sydney

If you’re buying a house in Sydney, you should get an asbestos survey or asbestos test before buying the house. The results could either give you peace of mind or serve you in your price negotiation. Upon request, we, the team of Greenerway, can provide consulting services and asbestos testing Sydney.

Asbestos Testing Sydney

Asbestos is a dangerous substance. We are ready to reduce your asbestos risk and give you the peace of mind that only comes from rigorous standards and reporting with the latest equipment and technology.

Our goal is to provide innovative and pragmatic solutions to our clients through our expert team. We feel that it is our duty to assist our clients throughout the project and provide support until it is successfully completed.


What Is Asbestos?

The fibrous silicate structure of this material made it a popular building material during the mid-80s. Australian homes contain more than a third of asbestos-containing material (ACM). ACMs were popular in the past because they were heat, water, and erosion-resistant.

Despite asbestos being banned in Australia in 2003, it will likely be found in any house built or renovated before 1990. Because of its robust nature, asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral mined at many locations worldwide.

Among the asbestos types are chrysotile (white asbestos), amosite (brown asbestos), crocidolite (blue asbestos), actinolite, and tremolite.

Who Conducts Asbestos Testing Sydney?

When handling asbestos, it is vital to exercise extreme caution and care. A licensed asbestos assessor or occupational hygienist should perform testing and inspection of asbestos. Surveyors with asbestos experience typically conduct asbestos surveys in various building types. With a team of trained asbestos consultants and licensed asbestos assessors certified by NSW SafeWork, Greenerway Asbestos Removal undertakes asbestos testing in Sydney.

Why Greenerway Asbestos Testing Services?


We strive to drive quality improvements and proactive communication throughout the business and across the industry. As a result, quality work is consistently delivered while enabling continuous learning and adaptability.


We are successful because of our honest Asbestos testing services. This is due to our view of internal customers as members of the same team, working towards shared goals and results. We aim to exceed customer expectations by providing quality service and delivering results on time.


One thing that sets us apart is our reputation for consistently delivering on our commitments. Our asbestos testing company has the best staff that works hard to exceed our client’s expectations as a part of our commitment to safety.

Asbestos Management in Sydney: We Can Help

Asbestos exposure can cause serious health problems for building occupants and workers. They can benefit from Asbestos checks in Sydney regarding their health and safety. It wasn’t until the 1980s that asbestos was discovered to harm health in building materials, such as insulation and flooring.

To determine whether asbestos is present in a building, asbestos inspections usually include visual inspections and sampling of materials. Inspecting asbestos is usually performed by an asbestos inspector who is trained and certified. During inspections, samples like insulation or flooring are sent to laboratories for analysis.

Before renovating or demolishing a building, asbestos inspections should be performed regularly.
It is necessary to conduct asbestos inspections on buildings and on the occupants of those buildings to ensure their safety. An asbestos inspection can help identify and develop a plan for safely removing or containing it to protect workers and building occupants.

How Do We Help?

You should hire a skilled asbestos tester to test your property for asbestos. Performing complete inspections and testing is not only time-consuming and expensive but also necessary. When there is a possibility that asbestos is present, we can conduct asbestos testing NSW and Sydney for you. You can select the following services:

On-Site Testing
We can identify asbestos on-site with our expert attention and thorough testing. When asbestos is present, or the material is used to build an area, they can detect it immediately.

Additional Testing
If we cannot identify asbestos in the material with certainty, an asbestos sample analysis will be done by sending a sample to the asbestos testing lab.

Expert Advice
Our honesty makes us stand out. We will inform you if we do not find any mineral traces on your property and can guarantee that the minerals will not harm your place. If the material is not disturbed, it won’t harm you. You will save time and money if you get the right advice.

If asbestos has been found on your property, we can remove and dispose of it properly. Our skills, expertise, and equipment are necessary for responsibly removing, transporting, and disposing of minerals.

Greenerway asbestos Removal testing lab

To receive accurate results from asbestos identification, laboratory equipment is required. Furthermore, Greenerway does not outsource sample analysis to third parties, to ensure that the job has been done correctly. Using advanced Asbestos sample testing methods and a rigorous process, the on-site laboratory is equipped with a state-of-the-art lab with the latest technology. We have the best asbestos consulting and testing services!

Asbestos Testing Is An Essential Part of a Plan

Fibres can be released when asbestos-containing materials are disturbed, damaged, removed improperly, repaired, cut, torn, sanded, sawed, drilled or scraped. If you notice signs of wear or damage to asbestos, asbestos professionals from Greenerway can help you. The technicians will visually inspect asbestos-containing materials and carefully collect them.

No matter how large or small a project is, safety precautions are always taken during inspections and testing. The best way to protect your family’s health is to have your property tested for asbestos by a qualified & accredited laboratory. There is a risk of asbestos fibres being breathed in, which is why asbestos gaskets, spray-on insulation, and corrugated roofs are dangerous.


How much does asbestos testing cost Sydney?

Asbestos testing costs can vary depending on the size of the area being tested, the testing type, and the company conducting the testing. In Sydney, asbestos testing can cost anywhere from $250 to $550 for a standard inspection and $450 to $900 for a comprehensive inspection. These prices do not include the cost of any necessary repairs or removals, which can be significant if asbestos is found. It’s important to note that trained professionals should only conduct asbestos testing with the necessary equipment and safety measures. It is not recommended to try to test for asbestos yourself.

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