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Have you had asbestos removed in your home? There is one final step!

Following the removal of asbestos from an area, you need to obtain an asbestos clearance certificate before the building can be declared safe to be reoccupied. This inspection needs to be carried out by a fully licensed assessor who is independent of the company that carried out the asbestos removal process for you. If you are planning to start any building or construction work after asbestos removal in your home, you may require an asbestos clearance certificate in order for your local council to approve your development application and grant you a construction certificate.

We can arrange for an Assessor from GreenerWay Asbestos Removal to conduct this inspection in your home. As part of this detailed visual inspection, an Assessor will check that:

  • the asbestos removal work area and the surrounding area are free from any visible asbestos
  • the transit route and waste routes are free from any asbestos
  • all asbestos in the scope of the removal work has been removed

Friable asbestos are materials containing asbestos that can be easily crumbled or reduced to powder. If friable materials containing asbestos such as insulation have been removed from your home, air monitoring before, during, and after asbestos removal will be required before an asbestos clearance certificate can be issued.

Once all checks have been done and the assessor is satisfied that all asbestos has been removed safely and correctly from the site, only then will they issue an asbestos clearance certificate. This certificate will give you peace of mind that your home is safe and your family’s health is now protected from the danger of asbestos.

Asbestos Clearance Certificate Sydney

If you’ve had asbestos removed from your home, let us assist you with this vital last step in the process. To enquire about obtaining an asbestos clearance certificate through GreenerWay Asbestos Removal Sydney, call 1300 575 748 and one of our friendly customer service staff will assist you.