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Did you know that there is a high likelihood of asbestos material being present in your home if it was built before the 90s in Sydney? If your home contains any asbestos materials then they can be identified safely by asbestos testing.

Our asbestos removal work in Sydney is completed to the highest safety standards and according to regulations. Our Sydney-based company is fully licensed and insured. As locals, we ensure that you can receive a quote the same day you call and compare our low rates.


Asbestos: What is it?

Due to its properties, such as sound absorption, strength, fire resistance, and affordability, asbestos became increasingly popular among builders in the late 19th century. Fiberglass sheeting, water pipes, drainage pipes, roofing shingles, gutters, plaster, insulation, drywall, and joint compound are just some of the products that may contain asbestos.

Fibro products manufactured before 1987 are the only ones that contain asbestos. It was banned in NSW in 1982 to use asbestos in fibro sheets, then in 1984 to use asbestos in corrugated sheets, and finally in 1986 to use asbestos in all other products. By the end of 2003, these products were deemed harmful throughout the country. Homebuilders should already be able to say that most homes built after December 31st 2003, are free of this hazardous substance.

How do asbestos inspections work?

Asbestos inspections identify asbestos anywhere on your property that is accessible. We provide inspection reports that include the following items:

  • Asbestos-containing areas on your property.
  • Asbestos type
  • Conduct sample testing on your property (if asbestos is present then this may be necessary).
  • Asbestos removal may be required if your property has asbestos.

Types of Asbestos Removal Sydney

Asbestos inspection Sydney can be classified as friable or non-friable by Greenerway asbestos. Non-friable materials are frequently mixed with friable ones in our building environments. There are two types of asbestos: pulverised or crushed, and when destroyed, asbestos friable becomes airborne.

If asbestos is friable, improper maintenance or removal can pose a severe health risk. When dealing with these older building products, extra precautions must be taken to avoid exposure to these hazards.

Are Asbestos Inspections Necessary?

Since asbestos was widely used in Sydney, it is essential to get an asbestos inspection before purchasing a property. To minimise health risks from asbestos, professional inspection equipment must be used to eliminate the release of fine particles into the air. Identifying and removing asbestos safely requires professional services, so do not touch or attempt to remove it yourself.

Our state-of-the-art technology and years of experience ensure a safe asbestos inspection. Asbestos locations will be identified, and a detailed asbestos inspection report Sydney will be provided to you by us. Afterwards, you’ll be able to determine the best asbestos management strategy.

Interested homebuyers can have homes inspected for asbestos, building defects, and insect infestations by Greenerway Asbestos Removal in Sydney, giving you peace of mind and security.

Asbestos Inspections in Sydney

When dealing with asbestos, it is crucial to conduct comprehensive property asbestos inspections in Sydney. Any property in the greater Sydney metropolitan area can be inspected using a variety of testing, monitoring, and licensing methods. Our specialty is providing you with a comprehensive report on all asbestos found in your property.

Why Choose Greenerway Asbestos Removal?

It is dangerous to assume that you are living in a clean environment, only to find out years later when it is too late that you were breathing in toxic air. When you inhale toxic substances unknowingly, you can suffer severe health consequences. At Greenerway, we do all we can to ensure that this does not happen to you. We strive to ensure your safety. We will remove asbestos without leaving any trace behind.


Taking great pride in asbestos inspection services Sydney is one of the things we do at Greenway. Safeguarding you and your family at home and work is our top priority.


We place the highest priority on your safety when doing an asbestos clearance inspection in Sydney. Let us handle your health so you can focus on what’s important to you. Greenway is a professional and reliable company for all residential, commercial and industrial properties.


Safety in all areas is our top priority as a licensed asbestos inspection NSW. It is safe to work since we have an asbestos clearance certificate.

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Sydney Asbestos Removal Services

Our specialty is providing asbestos removal services, asbestos inspections, and testing. Private businesses, government agencies, and individuals are among our clients. We are committed to delivering high-quality asbestos removal services, regardless of the job size. In addition, we offer our customers steel sheds and roofing replacement services of the highest quality. As a team of highly trained and dedicated employees, we always adhere to safe workplace practices. Asbestos management processes and a comprehensive training program ensure strict monitoring and minimal air exposure. Thus, we are proud of the professionalism and experience of our asbestos removalist team. This approach provides outstanding customer service, as safety is paramount.

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