Peptide AOD 9604 Truth: What It Bring After Use AOD 9604?

Subcutaneous injection allows AOD 9604 to enter the circulation in less than New York’s time. Unlike other modes of drug delivery like intravenous or intramuscular, this method has a high bioavailability. The most significant AOD 9604 benefitis that it has a negligible effect on insulin resistance and blood sugar levels. Among Nandrolone Decanoate the obese population, weighing this treatment against dieting and working out is like comparing apples to oranges. However, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise or check on your diet. Contrary, incorporating these two in your peptide supplementation will not only help you lose excess fat but also burn more calories.

  • In its lyophilized powder form, you should keep the chemical in a freezer at about -20°C.
  • These supplements are a champ, whether you’re looking to lose weight, burn the abdominal fats, build muscles, or have a shredded physique.
  • This may potentially shorten recovery time and allow athletes to get back to their training sooner.
  • It has been studied for its potential to accelerate wound healing, promote tissue repair and regeneration, reduce inflammation, and support gut health.

Its primary pharmaceutical function is the treatment of obesity by accelerating weight loss and burning of fats. The molecule is a peptide fragment that has been cut out of the C-terminus, whose amino acid (AA) sequence take after the HGH lipolytic fragment. This region of the hormone derives from AAs 177 to 191 and is in control of burning fats. Well, if it does, don’t kick up a fuss because the detail is just for formalities. BPC does not need to be injected at the point of injury (for example, if the pain is coming from the achilles tendon).

BPC-157 vs. TB-500 (Thymosin Beta- ?

Using other medications or supplements will either quicken the fat-burning process or slow down the action of this treatment. One thing I want you to understand is that no two individuals are alike. After all, even our fingerprints are as like as chalk and cheese. However, don’t fret because creating this solution is not quantum physics. BPC-157 can be administered through injection or oral consumption.

  • Another criticl aspect to consider is confirming the expiry date of the drug.
  • Well, even FDA confirms that it is safe with 100% tolerability on its users.
  • It also promotes gene expression while specifically targeting genes that are responsible for collagen formation, generation of growth factor and cytokine.
  • Before starting BPC-157, it’s important to talk to a licensed practitioner to figure out the right dose.

This fact will lay our foundation as we connect AOD 9604 with obesity. These supplements are a champ, whether you’re looking to lose weight, burn the abdominal fats, build muscles, or have a shredded physique. For beginners, the problem is more than just falling for an ideal peptide blend. Sometimes, you will be forced to find a middle ground between a potent supplement and the side effects.


When glucose tolerance was tested, there were no adverse effects on the metabolism of carbohydrates. In the antibody assay, no anti-AOD9604 was detected among the patients. Some substantial AOD 9604 clinical research studies support the use of this treatment in managing obesity. Although the first study was on murine models, Metabolic Pharmaceuticals set out to establish if the drug is efficient to humans as it is to mice.

Did I tell you not to crave for sweet nothings, high carb, and caloric meals? AOD 9604 costs hinge on the seller, your preferred package, and the location. However, when you buy AOD 9604 in bulk, you can get good price from the peptide supplier. In its lyophilized powder form, you should keep the chemical in a freezer at about -20°C. Since a fair counsel comes with a fair warning, I would advise you to avoid frequent icing up and thawing of AOD 9604. Ideally, inject AOD 9604 half an hour before the first meal for the day or 30 minutes after the last meal.


From 2001 to 2007, Metabolic Pharmaceuticals actively studied the efficiency of this peptide on humans. Within this period, the research scientists had engaged over 900 subjects in the AOD 9604 clinical research. Since the primary mode of administration was oral, the drug seemed ineffective. Anti-Obesity Drug-9604 (AOD-9604) is a synthetic analog of the human growth hormone. It is among the rare peptides that have won the FDA approval as a food supplement in the United States. Instead, it may assist athletes by assisting the repair and regeneration of muscles and connective tissues among other benefits.

Phcoker has no affiliation or relationship, implied or otherwise, with these physicians. The purpose of citing them is to acknowledge and commend the exhaustive research and development work done by the scientists working on this substance. You might see results from BPC-157 in as little as hours, depending on the severity of the injury it is being used to treat. If you do not immediately see the results you want, we’d suggest waiting a week or two before thinking about adjusting dosage.

Remember to use an alcohol swab to clean the area of the skin that you’re about to inject, as well as the rubber stopper before and after the injection. Alternatively, you can inject BPC-157intramuscularly, which means stabbing the needle right into the muscle. Needless to say, this is a very painful method, especially when you consider that it’s typically done in an area that’s close to the injury as well.

BPC-157 Supplements:How to Inject BPC-157 or take BPC-157 orally?

Synthetic BPC 157 powder is produced through chemical synthesis in a laboratory setting. It is designed to mimic the structure and function of the naturally occurring peptide. This synthetic version of BPC 157 has been the subject of various studies to explore its potential therapeutic properties and applications. If you were taking a daily dosage of 300mcg, the treatment would last up to three weeks. In this case, I’m considering the fact that you will be injecting AOD 9604 every day but taking a two-day off per week. When research scientists tried it out on obese rats, AOD 9604 results were all positive.