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Removing hazardous & Prohibited material is a dangerous and complicated process that the professionals at GreenerWay hazardous Removal are trained and licensed to perform. Don’t risk it!

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“Australians have been unwittingly exposed to potentially large quantit­ies of illegally imported building products containing asbesto­s, with no records of where the killer substance has been used and little chance of preventing its spread.” – The Australian

GreenerWay Hazardous Material Removal are experts in fire and smoke remediation, trained in the safest and most effective practices of cleaning, sanitation and deodorisation after a fire.

To refurbish a smoke or fire damaged home back to its original state, the IICRC recommends using professionals for fire and smoke damage remediation. Homeowners can be tempted to take the post-fire clean up into there own hands, however this can often worsen the condition of the property, and make for a more costly problem.

Fire and smoke damage increases – as do the restoration costs – the longer that cleaning and neutralisation is postponed. For this reason, Our fire and smoke remediation professionals always work in the most timely manner possible. When homeowners prolong the restoration of their home, they extend the effects brought on by the smoke exposure.

If you have experienced fire and/or smoke damage in your home or workplace, call GreenerWay Hazardous Material Removal on 1300 575 748.

Depending on how long the property is left between the fire and the remediation process, the level and type of damage will vary. The damage caused by smoke and fire can include:
  • Acid soot residue (this causes plastics to yellow)
  • Very porous materials such as marble can discolour permanently
  • Staining of tile grout, paint/walls, carpet, fibreglass surfaces, bench tops and appliances
  • Discolouration to furniture and fixtures
  • Corrosion of metal
  • Damage to vinyl and wood which will then require re-finishing
  • Permanent damage to silver, glass, crystal and china pieces
How do our team remove the smell of smoke?
  • Firstly they remove the source of the odour, meaning any debris or irreparable items
  • All irreparable items are then cleaned
  • A deodorant or a deodorising fog is then applied to the contaminated area
  • Any surfaces that are either inaccessible or slightly damaged are sealed – mainly to encapsulate odour and prevent any further contamination, but also for visual appeal.

Clean up costs
The cost of fire and smoke remediation depends on the extent of the damage to the property, how long since the fire occurred and the length/ extent of the remediation process.

If you are in need of fire and smoke remediation throughout your home or workplace, don’t hesitate to call the GreenerWay Asbestos Removal team on 1300 575 748 We look forward to being of assistance.